Monday, August 10, 2015

Wild in the Hollow {a book review}

As a teen Ms. Haines wanted to experience God. She wanted the freedom the church told her He would offer. But when this Southern lady gave into temptation and forgot God, it led her on a hard and lonesome road. Nothing was satisfying - not the drugs, guys - or nothing. She found absolutely  nothing to ease the hurt she felt burning inside. She found nothing to heal her broken heart. However, it was then - at her most broken point in life - where she met God. It was then that she fully surrendered her life to Him.
Wild in the Hollow is a memoir - a wonderfully poetic and touching true story. It  took me to a place that was real, full of heart break and life changing decisions.
Ms. Haines gave us her story and though not crude, bravely showed us her life from birth to present. It was beautiful and touching and reminded me a little but of To Kill a Mocking Bird (the feel of it I mean).
The honesty of this book was refreshing as we were shown the freedom we can have only in God. She showed us that His love surpasses everything and is always there no matter where that sometimes lonely road of life takes us.
I guarantee you will take something away from this book - something life changing. This truly is a good read to check out.
And now one very minor problem I had with this book....
Sometimes I Wild in the Hollow hard to follow (I'm by no means a poetic person and since the author is, that made it a bit difficult). Other then that I enjoyed the book to the full and found it very encouraging! I highly recommend it to High School folks and up - for anyone ready to see what God can do in a life that appears so far from Him.
I give this book five lovely hearts ♥♥♥♥♥ and an A+.

Note: I got this book free and in return I did a book review on it. All opinions are my own and no one else's.

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