Friday, July 24, 2015

Where Treasure Hides {A Book Review From Kara}

Allison spends as much of her time as possible working in her family's art gallery, determined to avoid love, for fear of the curse that seems to loom over her family. However, she can't stop her heart for falling for Ian - the dashing man she meets at Waterloo Station.  But then World War Two tears them apart, placing battles between them.
While Ian fights for freedom, Allison must answer the question, "which is more important - the art of the children?".
For me the answer is simple, right? The children of course! But for Allison it isn't so simple - not when it's artwork she holds dear to her heart.
So my reactions upon receiving the  book was excitement. Right now I've very much into the World War Two era, and Where Treasure Hides sounded pretty interesting.  By the third chapter however, I was skeptical. Love at first sight never goes well with me, Allison and Ian's love story went by way to fast in my opinion. However, I will say, by a few chapters later I was hooked! The story got intense and held me with every second. The writing is realistic, the story new and fresh, a bit of betrayal to keep you on the edge of your seat, and the action just enough to make you want to never let go. I got very attached to the characters also, and the last half of the book I absolutely could not stop reading!
I can't relate to Allison's love of art, but that was fine - I saw everything from a different perspective. The characters were flawed but that made the story really awesome - who wants to read about perfect people? And the writing is very realistic, so much so that I felt like I was watching a movie at times.

So overall I really enjoyed this read, though not so much for the love story as for the interesting characters and World War Two plot. I highly recommend!

How this book may help fellow aspiring writers: For anyone writing a novel on the war, this one will be found helpful. You won't get a lot of info on the fighting or what it was like to be a soldier, but more what the civilians in Europe went through.

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