Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I was tagged by the wonderful Kara over at For the Good of the Book and since the tag has to do with writing I decided to blog about it here. What better place to talk about writing than your writing blog, right? =)

The Authorly Bucket List tag - list 3 to 7 things you're not good at and 3 to 7 things you'd like to try.

Things I'm not good at....

1. Fanfiction is totally not something I'm good at. I've read a few pieces of it and have a difficult time reading or writing it. I think because when it's a movie or book, I know someone is writing stories about the characters that never happened anywhere else. Nothing against it, but I can't write or read it. Actually the only thing I can read or write that has to do with fanfic is Robin Hood BBC endings - things I wish I would have happened in the show. Those I can both read and write! =)

2. Writing long chapters I can hardly ever do. I know sometimes I should because three to five pages can be short (depending on the story and who is reading it), but I guess I should work on it more.

3. Finding names for my characters. I struggle so much in this! You'll find me a lot of times on google searching names, and I can never pick the right one or I'll go and change it after the character has already been in about twenty pages of the story.

4. Sci fi. Yep - this genre is far from my grasp or knowledge. Fantasy I love ( think Lord of the Rings or Narnia), but Hunger Games or Divergent type things I am not good at.

5. Beginnings. Simply starting a story can take a lot of re writes for me!

Things I want to try...

1. Sci fi. Did I not just say this is far from my grasp? More the reason I want to try and conquer it! haha

2. Putting some of my poems in my stories is one of my dreams. I love writing bits of poetry but am not brave enough to let it land in my fantasy story or anything else except a random blog post from time to time.

3. Writing a successful fight scene. Horrible time of it and it sounds very unrealistic!

So there and I #tag any of you lovely writers along with S.F. Be sure and check out her blog here and grab the tag for yourself! =)

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  1. Awww! Thank you so much for awarding me, Kara. It made my day. :)
    Yes, I agree that the beginning is one of the hardest difficulties in writing.
    Love ~ S. F.


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