Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some of my Favorite Books of 2014-- by Naomi

As December and Christmas come, I can't help but realize that the end of 2014 is coming and soon 2015 will begin. Scary. And I keep thinking that it is still 2013....

Anyway. I read a lot, and I thought I'd share some of the titles of some of the favorite books I've read this year.

The Hiding Place-- by Corrie ten Boom-- one of my all time favorites. So good. Read it.

Through Gates of Splendor-- by Elisabeth Elliot, also REALLY good... and sad... but good.

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet-- by Stephanie Morrill, I definitely recommend it to any girl teen writer. It was SO good. I loved the sequel too. The characters are relatable (especially if you are a writer) and she keeps you wondering about it 'til the end. :)

By Darkness Hid-- by Jill Williamson, She created this amazing world and the characters that you get to know bit by bit... it's in the fantasy genre, but there really isn't that much magic. I loved and kept telling my sister (who actually is the one who bought it) to read it and she hasn't yet. But my mom (who usually sticks with romance) read and it and also really liked it.

A Charmed Life-- by Jenny B. Jones (this is technically a trilogy, but I got the books three in one, so I'm considering it one.) Ms. Jones wrote these characters relatable and even though the main character is going through some not necessarily easy times, Ms. Jones successfully puts humor in it... and a lot of it. Very good.

In Between-- also by Jenny B. Jones. This book is still humors, but maybe not quiet as much. I think I read this book in a day or two... it was good.

A Promise Made-- by Norma Downing, a romance that starts off on a farm (and on the page) but ends up in your heart (and I won't say anything else to avoid spoilers.) It keeps you turning pages, that's for sure. The first time I read this book, I read it in an afternoon. SO GOOD.

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