Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why I Write

I was thinking just the other day about why I write, and I thought I should do a blog post on it. :)

Why I Write:
1. I love it.
I love creating entire worlds I can escape into, being in control (usually, unless my characters try to take over), being able to chose 'happily ever after' or to kill them all.... :)

2. It's good for me. Okay, maybe that's cheating because I would still do it even if there were no health benefits, but since I do write, I might as well write the benefits... :-
    1. It helps you think things through. If I do This thing, then This Other Thing might happen... so if This Other Thing happened, would I be able to pick the lock?
     2. Very educational. It really depends on what genre you write, but pretty much whatever you write-- if you are trying to make it realistic anyway-- you have to learn something.

3. It's a nice feeling of accomplishment when you finish a book. :)
Besides writing 'the end', you get to see everything you have written and you can think about all of the plot twists, the characters and every word and page you wrote.... When filling out applications and they ask what accomplishment I am most proud of I think about the stories I've written. :)

I'm thankful for writing and putting pen to paper... er.... fingers to the keyboard? I'm thankful for writing stories-- and reading them too!

Why do you write? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: If you like YA Christian Fiction, Tessa Hall over on her blog is doing a give away. :)

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