Saturday, November 15, 2014

Do you have a love of love triangles?-- by Naomi

I feel like ever since Twilight became big, and then the Hunger Games after that, love triangles have become a big thing. (They may have been a big thing before I just didn't notice...) Anyway, I decided I would do a post on love triangles.

Regardless of whether you hate love triangles with a burning passion or love them to death, like anything, you can do them correctly or incorrectly. (Personally, I don't have a problem with love triangles, as long as they are done right.

Give both of the guys (or girls, I suppose, if it is written from the point of view of a guy) an equal chance.
Please, please, don't make one a completely jerk and the other a complete Prince Charming. They are characters just like every other characters and deserve the same amount of attention. They should have faults AND virtues. No one is completely perfect. Not even your characters.

The Revised Life of Ellie SweetThe Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet

I think Stephanie Morrill did a very good job with the love triangles in her book. They aren't the focus, but she still did them well enough to give them a personality of their own and let you (and Ellie) choose which one.
(On a side note, these are two of some of my favorite books, I highly recommend them.)

I have read a book, (that I don't want to spread bad publicity for) where it was obvious which guy was the 'Prince Charming', and I guess that can work... in some cases. Like he is trying to trick the girl into trusting him so he pretends to be everything she ever wanted... but then it plays a big part of the plot.

What do you think about love triangles? Do you love them? Have any examples of makes a good one?

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