Friday, November 7, 2014

a piece from my story

picture via Pinterest

Black Wanderer of the North was all he went by. No one knew his real name nor knew where his homeland was. He was protector and guardian of the Northern Mountains and often would help those who needed it. The Black Wanderer did not let many know his name except his closest companions and only those who, he trusted greatly. His identity was kept a secret and the name Black Wanderer came about from the black hooded cloak and clothes he wore. Not many knew what he truly looked like, for he kept his cloak bound about him - speaking only when the need arose. It was often said that he was as fast and swift as a deer but cunning as a fox. Those who knew him respected him greatly for he was a humble man, but those who had never met him often misunderstood him for odd. If they had known him they would know that he merely kept his identity secret for a purpose.  This purpose wasn’t all the way a good one, but a purpose all the same….

Hola everyone - Kara here. =) Just wanted to share a piece from my WIP (currently unnamed). I'm trying my hand at fantasy and have found that it is more difficult then I thought, but enjoyable and amazing to create a whole new world. 
Have you tried writing where fantasy was involved?


  1. Keep going, keep going! I loved what you shared with me. It wasbrilliant.

    Yes, I have written fantasy--it's mainly, in some ways, mostly what I write about. Creating things is so fun!
    ~ S. F.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, creating is so much fun!


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