Saturday, February 21, 2015

Six Things to Do Before You Begin You Story

1. Research - yes, I've said this before, but do research and take notes before starting your book or story. If you're characters are going to be pirates, go ahead and research pirates before than. Is your main character a baker? Find as much as you can about cooking (even if you already know some things, you may need to figure out more). 

2. Go ahead and get the plot figured out. How will you start the story (or end it)? Who are the characters? Where will they live? Do you know how the story will go? Is there a protagonist? Will your  main character get wounded, injured, or burned? If so, research as much as you will need about this wound ahead of time and take notes. (I know... I love research...).

3. Make character profiles. I never thought this was too important until it helped shape my characters.  I usually keep these loose papers in a three ring binder with maps and other things for my story.
The prole could go something like this (the answers are for my evil character Milosh)...

Name: Milosh
Age: 45
Love language: Really none
One word to describe this character: Lonely 
Skills: Sword fighting and planning battles
Greatest Fear: His father's disapproval 
Greatest wish: To reign over many countries 
Hobbies: Smoking his pipe, thinking, and plotting (really he has none)
Best friend: None
Happiest Memory: None
Darkest Memory: His father telling him, he was a terrible son and would never amount to anything as king
Lie about themselves they believe: Power will make him great

The list could go on with a profile and I have to admit - they're a lot of fun to  create!

4. Make a map. If you're creating a fictional world this is highly important! It can just be of the village or town your character lives in or be a whole country. If you don't do this that's fine, but later on you may find it would be helpful to keep it consistent throughout your story. 

5. Pin on Pinterest. I highly recommend Pinterest and found it very inspirational for story and scene ideas. I pin pictures of people that look like my characters, sketches and paintings people have done of Medieval life, islands, ships, unique swords, and much more! It's fun and get's you into the writing mood. Sometimes I even find writing prompts, which can help with writers block from time to time.  

6. Brainstorm! Grab your sister, friend, brother - someone, to give you ideas. Tell them what you got so far and ask for ideas to deepen the plot, show them your characters and see what they think, etc. My sister Korin helped create a lot of the plot for my last story. She pinned pins on Pinterest with me, drew outfits for my characters when I couldn't see them in my mind, and found a song that described my story perfectly! 

So what others ideas do you have?

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  1. Brilliant list! I like the brainstorm idea, and Pinterest is always a good help for ideas. :)
    ~ S. F.


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