Monday, September 22, 2014

What Not To Do For Marketing Your Book

First off, thank you for stopping by on the very first blog post of Writing to Inspire! I'm Naomi-- and you can learn more about me on the 'About Da Girls' page.

Today I'm going to talk about authors, and selling their book: What Not To Do

1. Please, please don't write a blog post begging me-- anyone!-- to buy your book.
Chances are, if I'm reading your blog I either want or have read your book. AND since my library kind of stinks, chances are-- I bought your book. On the slim chance I didn't buy your book, but have read it and liked it, I probably want too. (Brace yourself for this next sentence) I'm not exactly rich. Actually, at the time being, I don't even have a job, so.... You want me to buy your book? Give my $15 dollars and I will....

Now, I know authors only make money from their books, and only a small part of it, and not if they are being sold used from an individual. Still, no begging please...

2. Don't post 5 million times in a day, "Don't know what to read? Try *Book Title* next!" with a link to your book following.
Again, I probably want to or have read your book. And if I want, I won't forget it after the first couple....

I guess that's enough for now. :) (Translation: "All I can think of right now")

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