Saturday, September 27, 2014

Through Writing I'm Going On An Adventure

You know you're a writer when....
you love your characters wayyy to much and just wish they were real people and could come and knock on your door!

Hey everyone! This is Kara Lynn here and really as I've been editing my story I've found myself growing very close to my characters. They have back stories, some of my same life experiences, and just things that I've been really loving.
Being a writer is amazing - you get to create places no one has the advantage of doing. You get to "see" and "do" things that you've always dreamed of doing. but they're probably too far fetched to do  except through writing. In writing my story (I'm currently still brain storming for a name), I found myself chasing after evil villains,  finding the answer to a special sword, and trying to figure out why my Guardians aren't doing what I want.
Writing is hard, but it's fun. I'm writing about stuff that I'll never get to do, but in a way I'm doing them - just in another sense.

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