Friday, March 13, 2015

Four Things (In My Own Personal Opinion) You Shouldn't Put In Stories

1. Curse words. It usually turns me away from a book (and/or movie), when there is repeatedly lots of cussing. For me it's a waste of words and really just unnecessary. One or two is "OK" I suppose, but really just adding a bunch can seem sloppy.

2. Boyfriend and girlfriend sleeping together. It's uncomfortable to read and it's wrong. You may hate me for this, but I just don't like this in the books I'm reading.

3. Lots and lots of violence. It's just no fun for me to read.

4. Always having ultra weird villains, who pretty much want to see everyone dead.

So that's four of the main things I have a problem with in books. I love to read and so I do see lots of books with extreme amounts of violence and ultra weird villains. Both are not really "bad", but what I'm saying is - be different. I've actually wished before that there was a book from the villain's point of view. Maybe one where we actually pity him and see "why" he's doing it. Not in anyway excuse his evilness, but simply see that he's human. And maybe have a little redemption in the end?
So what do you think? Do you disagree or agree with the things of my list, or do you have any to add?


  1. I agree with one and two definitely, those are very annoying, but three and four I'm not sure. What is too much violence to you? Just how much it happens or the gore? Also what is considered an "ultra weird" villain to you? I have some pretty weird villains, but they don't want to see everyone dead lol.

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    1. I probably should have explained better! =) By too much violence I suppose I meant when there is a lot of gore and such. Also I've read some books that explains the less painful and most painful ways to commit suicide (with a lot of description). I didn't think that was very good - a lot of people who are dealing with suicidal thoughts could be effected in a bad way with a book, which was supposed to have a good message.
      And on the villain....I guess I mean the ones that are mentally gone - the guys who are stalking the women and end up trying to murder them and then it turns out they're family with the woman they're trying to murder. I guess I've read too many ultra weird books haha!


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