Saturday, January 24, 2015

Give Authors Second Chances-- by Naomi

I'm pretty sure we all have that writer in us-- sometimes, anyways-- that just thinks everyone stinks at writing.

Accept ME of course.

Whether it's because you actually are reading a book that stinks, or maybe you just got a rejection, or you're suffering from writers block, or you got some bad advice (or good advice you didn't want to hear. ;) ), whatever it is, at one point or anything we think that everyone's book is somehow not nearly as good as our.

"The characters are shallow."
"Info dumping is a major NO-- how did this get published???"
"If you like stories that are actual sermons you'll love this book."

Now, I'm not saying that those aren't actual issues-- but we'll cover them in a different post-- but are you really judging to harshly?

You should think about a few things before you completely bash a book.

1. What was your attitude while reading this book? Did you expect to dislike it? (Trust me, that's WILL affect how you look at the book.)

2. Is this a debut author? Obviously, like I said, there are definitely some things to avoid, but no one is perfect. Sometimes, especially is they are debut authors, they may be using a smaller publisher-- who probably won't be as picky about some things. Give them a break, give them a chance to learn and grow. Maybe you're writing is better than that-- and that's great!!-- but rejoice with them in getting published early on in their writing. (and if it isn't early and they are bad at writing, I can't imagine they'd improve a while lot....)

3. So, you had a great attitude about the book and the author is a debut author AND THE AUTHOR STILL PUT A SERMON IN HIS BOOK--WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!?!?! No one is perfect. Not this author, and not you. :)

Now, I didn't write this post for you to say that you shouldn't dislike any book/books. Some books are just bad. But sometimes, authors improve, and their stories improve.

Don't be afraid to give second chances. One time I read a book by Nicole O'Dell and really disliked it. Then a year later, I reread it. I'm not sure what made me reread it if I didn't like it, but I loved it. So, sometimes there is bad writing, but sometimes, all the author needs is a second chance. :)

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