Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How Pinterest Has Helped Me

Pinterest is awesome for any writer (if you don't have an account, you may want to think about it!). You can create storyboards, character boards, find character pictures, images for mock book covers, writing tips, links to writing posts, meet other writers... the list goes on! I have my own storyboard for my upcoming story and it helps a lot! I also keep track of songs and soundtracks, and the like. It's even useful to keep track of characters (some people create boards just for certain characters), stories, and get ideas for scenes. 
This may sound weird but I even have a guy board here where I keep pictures of guys that I may want to use for later stories (I have one for ladies and girls as well). This could sound entirely creepy, but I love the boards, because I get to see the people I want in my story! Click here for my story board where I keep photos for my current writing project that I hope to self publish later this year. When I am in complete writers block I go to Pinterest and search my boards - this can really help with some info ideas and plot bunnies! 
So go ahead  (if you don't have Pinterest) and think about it - you can even create an account strictly for writing. Use Pinterest with some caution though - when I first joined I randomly searched something and it came out with some pictures nobody has business pinning. So yeah, use caution and if you want good writing boards, comment below and I'll give you some links! =) 

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